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The Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe is a pivotal point of access for Emotional Intelligence certification, learning, coaching and community development.  

It is our aim to engage, collaborate and upskill others who want to learn more about the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence, through training, seminars or our conferences. 


We offer a range of bespoke developmental initiatives, aligning to organisational visions, values and culture; thus giving individuals the opportunity to develop, grow and disseminate within their own working environments and communities.


Enable, Empower and Motivate our members and, other interested parties in understanding the practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI); enabling them to understand what Emotional Intelligence is and, how they can synergise these practices and principles into their everyday lives, whether it's by way of sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills and expertise; through conferences, interactive programmes, seminars and workshops.


We support and work on social and criminal justice initiatives within the community, undertaking projects, seminars and workshops that empower and motivate individuals within the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic communities, adult development and children from secondary school, low-income earners as well as those from disadvantaged groups.

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Realise an emotionally intelligent world and;

To help individuals Learn the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI); Practice in our personal, professional and civic relationships to help equip and; Inspire others along their own EI journey


The Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe, actively encourages mutual knowledge sharing, learning and upskill with and from its connections and supporters; and embraces the broad range of diversity in their approaches across an equitable and inclusive platform.  

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